about the artist

Starting with a simple snapshot, artist Alina Kremer brings new life to pet owners’ favorite photographs by rendering them as charming hand-painted portraits. Making use of her innate sense of color and composition, Alina has been capturing the unique quality of each animal in whimsical yet lifelike renditions since 2005.

Her passion for animals began with a childhood love of horses which she doodled endlessly. Combining her natural artistic abilities with this love led to painting pet portraits for her friends. Soon word spread and Michi Design was born.

Working out of her sunny studio across the street from Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Alina has perfected her technique through years of practice painting with acrylics on canvas. She finds inspiration everywhere, from the pattern on a new dress to the colors of her grandmother’s vintage ring.

Each portrait begins with a red under painting which peeks through the finished product, imbuing it with depth and warmth. Each piece is a unique collaboration with the pet owner from the size of the canvas to the colors used to the background pattern. Working closely with each client ensures that the finished portrait is not only an accurate rendition but one that captures the unique spirit of each animal.